Yelp 5 star reviews:

“OK, YOU THINK YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING THE BEST OPTICAL CARE AROUND…THINK AGAIN.  SABINA AT i2iOPTIQUE IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.  The level of service, quality and attention Sabina will offer you will far exceed your expectations. In addition, her large stock of unique frames will fill you with joy and fancy.  It’s a pleasure to shop at this lovely little store and enjoy Sabina’s big personality and amazing selection of frames.  In addition, you vision will be better than ever! ”

“Sabina is highly experienced and knows how to service customers. Not only are the frames very unique and cool – check out the Theo frames – but I have better lenses than I have experienced in years. I am very nearsighted so I am used to living with blurry vision especially when trying to read, ironically. Not only can I leave my new glasses on to read, but I can enjoy the amazing Arizona views at any distance. Crisply. My glasses were not ‘cheap’ – but worth every penny!”