“This is my second experience and review of i2iOptique…
Sabina the owner of i2iOptique, Scottsdale is the best! I live in Palos Verdes, California and have access to trendy shops with various price ranges but we don’t have Sabina with her customer service and great store style choices. We originally purchased 2 prescription pairs of glasses & a prescription pair of sunglasses.  My husband & I were SO happy with the quality and style of the glasses, plus the amazing customer service from Sabina that when we needed another pair of glasses, it was my husband who mentioned Sabina (I was thinking it). So I called Sabina who had the prescription on file, knew what to add to make the vision clean and crisp. I told her what style I was looking for and she immediately got it. Sent me a couple of photos that were great choices but one said yes to me.  Sabina made everything so easy, she’s so professional and friendly to talk to. I highly recommend Sabina and her store i2iOptique!”



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